Woah, it’s almost as though people who suffer from depression are still human beings with complex feelings and emotions! Who knew?!

Reblogging this for truth and relevance!


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do you ever just finish a book and sit there for a while like what the fuck did this author just do to me

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I will laugh your dumb ass into an early grave if you’re one of those people who gives up on something they love/like, all because it has become too ‘popular’ for your tastes.



  • I am allowed to be vocal about my pain if it helps me heal
  • I am allowed to be sad in places other than my own head
  • I am allowed to express my anger/sadness/hurt in ways that do not hurt other people, whether that is in writing or speaking to friends
  • I am allowed to speak my truth even when it makes others uncomfortable
  • I am allowed to take care of myself, even if it makes people who hurt me uncomfortable
  • I am allowed to create my own rules for self-care




"It scares me to death to think that one day I might look back into my life and realize that I lived it painfully ordinary."

I scrolled for ten minutes after reading this and had to scroll all the way back, ‘cause damn. 

this made me happy ^